Thursday, July 26

Good Stats

I am happy to include myself in this statistic. I can count the times I have ridden the bus since my senior year in high school on one hand...2. I had ridden the bus 2x in 15 years until this past March when I started working at the library and started riding the bus everyday.

I am loving it too. I can read, zone out, people watch, whatever for 15 minutes or so b4 and after work. I walk 1.2 miles everyday b/c of the bus and that doesn't include the wandering I do during lunch. I spend about $30 a month whereas I would spend about $200 a month on gas and parking if I drove to work.

Huhrah for public transportation.
The Nashville Metropolitan Transit Authority says ridership is up six
percent - or about 500,000 more rides - over the same time period last

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