Sunday, October 28

Buddhist Thought of the Day

I struggle but I know some people who really suffer and these are words they would do well to work to understand. My suffering is usually manidested in procrastination but sometimes depression. I sometimes feel that there are too many important decisions to be made and I can't to it. Other times I feel like there are too many important decisions to be made and I shouldn't be the one to make them. I have some coworkers and family members who have far more severe issues and they blame everybody else for the problems they have.
If my mother had done this, if my father had been this, if my boss didn't do this.
I so wish some of these people would get the clue that they have something to do with it. Especially when they find themselves in similar situations time and time again.
Happiness and suffering come from your own mind, not from outside. Your own mind is the cause of happiness; your own mind is the cause of suffering. To obtain happiness and pacify suffering, you have to work within your own mind.
Lama Zopa Rinpoche, "The Door To Satisfaction"
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