Monday, January 7

Dreams & Movies

I usually don't remember my dreams but withing the last month I've had two that remained pretty vivid well after I woke. The first one, which was an anxiety dream, has now faded. The second one was last night and I have no idea what it means but it does make references to a movie and video game.

In this dream I am some sort of spanish speaking government agent (video game & movie reference...Call of Duty 4, Charlie Wilson's War, The Unit). We are waiting for the other guys to show while I am waiting for my guys to show. Then, I think, I get up and walk away. I walk toward music that I instantly recognize, Derek Trucks Band. I walk over to the side of the stage and Derek holds back to say hi. He shakes my hand, says something like "Its good to see you Jai, its been a long time." I return the comment, he goes on stage and I think I wake up. The crazy thing about that is that as many times as I saw Derek and had conversations with members of the band I never once had a one-on-one conversation with him. So, it is highly unlikely that he would know me by name.

The dream was very movie like. The more I think of it the more it was very much like "The Unit" and, in turn, CoD4, which took the WWII Call of Duty and moved it forward about 60 years to modern day Middle East and Europe with some sniping and lots of modern weaponry. You get to snipe, you work strategically to fight the enemy and of course, when you die you can start over.

I enjoy the game and have for years but this is the first time I've remembered a dream about it. The last dream I completely remembered was an anxiety thing this one I'm not sure. Maybe a yearning...I want to have an adventure? I want to be known by people I respect? Not sure.
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