Thursday, September 11

Am I really better than the rest?

A little self congratulatory post...actually, that's not true. The following is an email my boss got from her boss (the details have been changed or omitted).

Hi Jai's boss,

I just want you to know that Jai handled this situation with grace and conviction. Mr. patron was quite upset about the red tape, etc. and requested that we have everything worked out by the morning for his kids. I was able to just hand the information to Jai, who immediately knew who I was talking about and had been in contact for months with the proper department. Then, I asked Jai to contact Mr. patron, which he did.

Jai is a true role model for public service staff!

Signed Senior Administrator.

I was quite shocked when I saw the email (my boss forwarded it to me). I didn't think I had done anything more than what she asked. The guy was pissed and he had been given the run-around, mostly because we had questions about how to handle his situation and no one would get back with us with an answer.

Anyway, its nice to be loved.
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