Tuesday, November 4


I am filled with emotion.

Barack Obama is the president-elect. How I wish Papa was here to see this. He would've loved Obama.

I am excited - Barack Obama is the president-elect of the United States of America. I never believed a black man, even one as eloquent, conscientious and smart as Barack Obama, would be on his way to the White House. I am excited b/c my child will be born into a world where a black man CAN be president. I am sad b/c my father, a black man who grew during the depression in the urbanized rural south, who spent most of his adult life in a segregated world, who knew an awful lot but only had a high school diploma, is not here to see this happen. I am nervous b/c there are nutjobs in the world who would do Obama harm. I am nervous that my choice for president won't live up to my expectations, hopes and dreams and will not only let me down but give those nutjobs ammunition to say and believe stupid shit.

PS: Barack has some incredible speech writers.
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