Sunday, January 4

Shitty Day

Today was a day of frustrations.
I can't find my wallet. So I can't go to the dog park by myself. Tara suggests we go to Shelby Bottoms together. A completely bonkers, out-of-control Johnders and I walk in the rain. Tara feeds Julia back in the car. We go to Turnip Truck, I didn't know we were going to Turnip Truck... We come home, I finish cleaning the house. We eat and then Julia goes completely bonkers & out-of-control. She won't settle down for shit. Tara and I have a few words...nothing unusual but with both of us being tired and with the rest of the days frustration it was a more snarky than usual. I know she's frustrated too - breastfeeding, lack of sleep but this post is about me. It was a shitty day. 

Thank God for FIFA 09 & Genmaicha Tea
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