Thursday, February 26

A new day

This morning I accepted the challenge of participating in a program that will attempt to help me live a better life.

Bonnie told me a few months ago that a friend of hers was participating and liked it. Bonnie thought it would be helpful for me. See, I am a drug addict, no no that's not it. I mean to say I have hypertension. I am medicated for it and have been for close to a decade.

Although there were some lifestyle changes as soon as Tara & I got serious - less beer consumption, less eating at places like TGI Friday's - more are needed. I don't get enough sleep, I can't stay motivated on any kind of exercise routine. I walk a little and go to the YMCA periodically.

So I have decided to participate in the grant funded program at Center for Lifestyle and Health Management. Today was orientation and I was assigned to a mentor as well as given a date (3/6) for my labs and first consult. For the first 6-10 weeks I will at least speak with my mentor once a week and I'm not sure how often we will meet after that. I am cautiously optimistic. One thing I have going for me is my weight is stable so if I get back down to where I should be I expect to stay there for awhile. If I get the weight down the hypertension will theoretically get better, my risk for other problems will also reduce.

Of course, this is all easier said than done. I have already intellectualized what my problems are but I haven't been able to divorce them from my emotions. Hopefully this mentor will find a way to help me do that.

Stick around for updates.
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