Thursday, January 7

2010...the year of PBS?

I've loved PBS as long as I can remember, going back to ZOOM, Sesame Street, etc. I can always find shows on PBS I love. Austin City Limits helped me keep sanity through the 90s. I haven't paid a bunch of attention to what was on other than Tavis Smiley and Volunteer Gardener but in this first week of 2010 I have seen two of the most enjoyable and interesting documentaries I have seen in a very long time.

First was "The Human Spark", Alan Alda hosts this three part show on what makes humans human, not Neanderthal or chimp or whatever. The first episode was great. He went to archeological sites and discussed what made us, homo sapien sapiens, different from Neanderthal. Why did they die out and we are still here? Really cool stuff.

Now I am watching "This Emotional Life" which explores how and why we feel what we feel. Using case studies and interviews, including interviews with lots of entertainment folks. Its narrated by Daniel Gilbert, the guy who wrote one of my fav books from a couple of years ago.

We are astonishing creatures and thanks to PBS for exploring these different aspects.
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