Wednesday, December 7

Dental Surgery and whatnot

So, I went back for my first post-op exam and my DDS says:
Wow! Either I'm really good or you are a great healer.
If you have to go to a dentist those are the kind of words you wanna hear! I was proud of myself - considering the circumstances. You know, best case scenario would have never included the surgery.

Now, I have to maintain my diligence and mentally prepare for round two, which should be easier since I know what to expect, he won't be removing any wisdoms and he won't have the fronts to deal with. B/c of cost it will happen probably Feb.

I picked up Reversing Gum Disease Naturally and decided to use some of its suggestions of certain herbal remedies I don't know how much it contributed. Also, I started to use Eco-Dent Mouth Rinse, it's expensive but it's natural and it tastes good.
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