Wednesday, December 21

Pre-written greeting cards

Is it a waste of money to send a greeting card without personalizing it?

You know the cards that have all the poetic stuff written in them. Say you find one you like then you sign your name and mail it. Is that any less valuable - is it a waste of money - than finding the card you like, writing an additional note and then mailing it?

Is so, why? Isn't the point of the pre-written cards that they say something you like, in a way you want to say it?

I ask this b/c I had a discussion about Christmas cards and the idea that just sending a pre-written card w/o personalization is a waste of money, that you shouldn't even bother to send it if you aren't gonna add something to it.

Am I wrong to think that when you find the card that states your idea you don't need to embellish?
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