Thursday, July 27

I'll bet it's stress...

Over the past week or so I have had these random back pains. Actually, it hasn't been a week yet. They first appeared at my family reunion last weekend (pictures to be posted soon). I woke up from night one and my entire back hurt but a few hours later it was better and I chalked it up to a bad bed. The next morning I woke up with a far more acute, more painful sensation that took about a day and a half to go away. It started to feel like a pinched nerve but then it was gone.

Yesterday I had a job interview and a stressed wife (first day of school) and the pain returned. More immediately, I had a conversation with a couple of intense customers in a row as well as a phone conversation and now the pain from yesterday is back and pretty severe.

A few years ago a massuese (sp?) told me that I had the tightest back she'd ever worked on...I know understand the full scope of what she said.

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