Monday, June 25

Nuevos Galacticos!

Now Barca has less of an excuse for losing La Liga.
Henry said it was the departure of vice chairman David Dein in April that had changed his mind and led to the $32 million move. Dein, a friend to both Henry and Wenger, quit after falling out with other members of the board over his support for a possible takeover.

"Before Mr. Dein left, for whatever reason, I went to the boss and said I don't want to leave," Henry said. "But after Mr. Dein left, that unsettled the team and the boss.

"He (Wenger) said he will see out his contract but you cannot be sure if he is going to go or stay. Hopefully, he is going to stay but I need to be certain and reassured of that."
The whole article.

Sevilla can do as well as they do w/o many big names but for some reason Barcelona acts like the Titans... I will miss seeing Thierry play ball and wish I could get more La Liga game on Fox Soccer Channel; GolTV is looking more and more like a necessity.
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