Wednesday, September 12

MySpace ruined my space.

The past few days I have gone through our public access computer room once or twice a day and a vast majority of the users are on Are they looking for jobs or researching Nashville? If that includes "Power Ass" shaking her stuff then yes I guess they are but somehow I doubt it. I obviously use the internet differently than most. I read blogs and yes, I sometimes look at celebrity wardrobe malfunctions...if you know what I mean but Jesus H. Christ! You are in the library and the only way you can figure out how to use it is trolling myspace? Not only that but not all terminals are hidden from the aisles so if you are walking by, like I have been, you see all of this crap.

I have a myspace page - don't really use it but I have one. I have many friends who have one too but there are so many other ways to waste time on the internet. I don't know what can be done other than myspace setting tighter restrictions. I'm sure from our POV it's a 1st Amendment type thing...freedom of expression. I don't know, I guess I'm just a little frustrated by seeing the same people coming in everyday, sitting on the computer hour after hour and doing nothing productive.
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