Monday, July 28

Dog Park Friends

This time last year we got a dog. I've posted pictures and told little strories and have even mentioned how much we love the dog park.

This is the greatest dog "toy" known to man. What I don't talk about is the people. Our dog park has the nicest coolest folks. East Nashville is know for its artsy people but what you don't hear about is its sense of community and camaraderie. While at the dog park you hang out with bartenders and attorneys and retirees and you talk a lot about dogs. You talk mostly about dogs, "Does your dog do ________?", "Have you ever tried peanut butter in a Kong (the 2nd best dog toy)?", and so on.You can spend hours comparing and laughing and learning about dogs. After months of talking about dogs you begin to learn about the people. You learn about housing problems, work problems, hobbies and other stuff. You gravitate to people like yourself b/c more than likely your dog has gravitated to their dog.

The most fascinating thing is that we all seem to learn the names of dogs but rarely the names of the owners. You can talk to somebody for weeks and know all sorts of things about their personal life but not know their names. I wonder what this says about us? Are we better able to relate when we are still remotely anonymous or are we too wrapped up with our own lives to care about learning someone else's name?
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