Friday, July 18

Wildlife In Inglewood

To set the scene, I live perpenticular to Gallatin Rd, a major roadway in Nashville. I am last than .2/mile from the road. There are houses on three sides of me and an apartment complex behind me with about a 1/2 acre maybe 3/4 acre of wooded area.

When I was a child, this wasn't less wooded and a horse was kept in this area but the horse was gone by the time I was 6 or 7. Before Johnders I saw snakes and rabbits nested in my backyard. Now there are no rabbits. When this morning I was pulling out of the driveway and I look on the fence of my neighbor's front yard and I think, "I didn't know he had a bird decoy on his fence." As I pull away I notice that its not a decoy its a hawk (I am guessing its the sharp-shinned hawk b/c they seem to be common at Shelby Bottoms which is close to me))! It was about 8" tall perched on his fence. I fumbled for my camera and by the time I had it he had flown away. Damnit!

I saw a hawk this morning. That has to be a good omen.
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