Friday, May 14

"We'll be there between 3 & 7."

Appliance delivery/repairmen, etc... What's the deal with the 4 hour window? I know things can be unpredictable but come on you can't narrow it down any better than that?

Yesterday I had Sears bring over a new dryer, actually Sears didn't deliver it was an indi contractor.

OK, 1st let me say that I got this thing from the Sears Outlet. Now, is it just me or should outlet stores be substantially cheaper than regular price? I mean, this dryer was $10 cheaper at the outlet than it would have been from Sears. I don't get it.

Anyway, back to the delivery. They call at 8:30am and say they will be at my place b/t 3 & 7pm. I decide to skip work. I go back to sleep for awhile, go visit my girlfriend at her office and play some video games - have you played Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow? - and cleaned. 3pm shows up and I started watching the front door. Almost 4 hours later they show up! 6:45pm and I am the 2nd to the last delivery!

I will say they these guys were the nicest and they knew what they were doing. I don't think the whole process of taking my old one out of the basement and putting the new one in took more than 30 minutes.

Hope these are the type of delivery guys I always get.