Saturday, May 6

25 Ways to Save the Planet: 1 - 5

25 Ways to Save the Planet: 1 - 5 (Collin Dunn):

We've arrived at the final installment of our quick-n-easy actions to take for a better planet. At just 25 items, we know there are a plethora of other easy ways to take action, and just because they're not on the list doesn't mean you shouldn't do them. The little things can make a difference!

5) Instead of buying bottled water, use a water filter instead.

4) To go the extra mile, get a rainwater storage tank.

3) Use "Tupperware"-style reusable food containers for leftovers and lunches.

2) Draft excluders at the base of your doors can save vast amounts of cold from getting in and heat from getting out.

1) Finally, a programmable thermostat will help efficiently regulate your indoor climate.

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