Sunday, May 7

The Great Experiment

Davis-Kidd has a play area in its kid's room. The main attraction is the Thomas & Friends train, a completely laid out train set for the 1-4 age group. The standard scenario is kids play and nannies watch.
What I find most interesting is when the parents actually accompany the kids and work on the socializing skills. I mentioned earlier that you usually see the kids and their nannies, so you can guess what income level I am seeing. I guess what I find interesting is the way some parents talk to their children, treating their 2 year-olds as adults with little or no physical interaction (pointing and saying "give that back" or "share please").
I don't know, I guess there are lots of ways to do it but I find this as lazy and impersonal.
At least these customers are interacting as opposed to the ones who let their kids run around the kids room w/o any supervision.
Just an observation and an out loud wonder of how I will interact with my kid(s).
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