Thursday, December 16

Big ups to my high school classmate

From Tennessean music writer Nicole Keiper via Brad Schmitt's column:

If Nashville-born singer Laura Cantrell hasn't landed on your radar before, she's sure fixin' to now. Influential indie-rock label Matador (responsible for indie mainstays such as Guided By Voices, Interpol and Pavement) just announced her addition to its roster.

For perspective: Matador's pretty much to indie rock what Coke is to soda. Her first Matador release is slated for release next spring.

The New York transplant is a traditional country singer who draws comparisons to Lucinda Williams and Emmylou Harris. She has toured with Elvis Costello, and brilliant, legendary and recently departed BBC DJ John Peel called her first CD ''my favorite record of the last ten years and possibly my life.''

Keep an ear out.
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