Monday, December 27

More on the DNC Superstar

Obama Lands Three-book Deal with Crown/Random Children's:
Barack Obama, who in January will be the only African American U.S. Senator, has cut a $1.9 million three-book deal with Crown/Random House Children's Books. The contract, which is still pending approval from the Senate Ethics Committee, calls for two adult books and one children's book, for which Obama will receive $1.7 million and $200,000, respectively. The AP reported that the first two volumes--a political treatise and a autobiographical YA story about his growing up to be a senator--will appear in 2006. Crown released Obama's first book, Dreams From My Father, in 1995. After Obama's keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention last summer, the autobiography became a best-seller. Proceeds from the sale of the Random title will be given to charity. Neither the publishers nor the author provided information on the third volume.
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