Monday, October 3

Got to go to Hell before you get to Heaven

RIP Paul Pena

Paul Pena has died. This is sad. If you've never heard "Gonna Move" you don't know what a good song is. Oh wait, you don't think you know who Paul is well you've heard a little song called "Jet Airliner", a big hit for the Steve Miller, right? Yeah, Paul wrote that.

Have you ever heard of Tuvan throat singing? Well, you need to and you need to see this doc Paul did called Ghengis Blues.

Paul went to hell:
During the past 8 years, Paul's health has been on the decline and his quality of life was greatly diminished by the nearly constant state of pain that he was in. We can take comfort in knowing that he's no longer suffering.
...and now he's surely in Heaven.
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