Wednesday, October 5

Time Wasters

Video Games...I discovered video games about 3 years ago. I fell in love with RTS (Real Time Strategy) games, Age of Empires being my first love; then, soccer games and finally shooters but only a select few... like Brothers in Arms, Far Cry (I haven't finished this b/c it creeps me out!) and Call of Duty. My favorite game other than these is Splinter Cell. The espionage and the fact that you try to make it through the game without killing or being seen, not to mention Sam Fisher's (main character) smart-ass attitude

Now is the time for new games...Brothers in Arms v2.0 and FIFA 06 came out this week. We should see Call of Duty 2 by the end of the month, Winning Eleven 9 (great team management stuff) by the end of the year and a new Splinter Cell in the Spring. Oh, and a new Lord of the Rings strategy and a new Age of Empires (I don't really like what I've seen on this one).

Time wasters. Each and every one of them, just plain ol time wasters.
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