Monday, October 3

Ten Signs of a Conscious Marriage

Ten Signs of a Conscious Marriage

"What are some of the differences when you become conscious? The following list highlights some of the essential differences in attitude and behavior:
  • You realize that your love relationship has a hidden purpose—the healing of childhood wounds.

  • You create a more accurate image of your partner.

  • You take responsibility for communicating your needs and desires to your partner.

  • You become more intentional in your interactions.

  • You learn to value your partner’s needs and wishes as highly as you value your own.

  • You embrace the dark side of your personality.

  • You learn new techniques to satisfy your basic needs and desires.

  • You search within yourself for the strengths and abilities you are lacking.

  • You become more aware of your drive to be loving and whole and united with the universe.

  • You accept the difficulty of creating a good marriage.
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