Sunday, October 2

More about work.

I've spent about 20 years in various retail/customer service positions. I delivered pizza, I was an assistant at a vet clinic, I rented paddle boats and, of course, I worked in record and video stores and I have to say that Davis-Kidd has the smartest, oldest and most stable staff I have ever seen. There are about 50 employees. I think I've chatted with a dozen and of those at least half are working on or have a Master's level degree. The GM says the store has a 7% turnover rate, which is insanly low, and I don't think there is a teenager in the bunch. There are at least 3 people who have started a 2nd career with Davis-Kidd (after 20+ years in another field).

So far, not a day has gone by that I was not surprised and impressed by one of my coworkers.

Aside from all that you are part of a team and within that you have the responsibility and opportunity to affect change. I was appropriately assigned to the Humanities team (the others are Health/Well-being, Fiction, Kids, Religion & Spirituality & Sidelines, which is non-book stuff...I think that's right, remember, I'm still new). I am responsible for organizing and maintaining but I can create endcaps, feature sections, tie-in sections, etc.

There's quite a bit in the learning curve but this is surprisingly more exciting than I expected it would be. I can already tell I'm gonna hate to tell these folks goodbye...whenever that happens.
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