Wednesday, February 8

Grammy Reflections

SLY! Platinum Mohawk and about 3 minutes but SLY & the Family Stone were on TV tonight! This is a moment to rejoice.

Madonna looked hot! She's apparently going to the Tina Turner school for great legs.

Bono giving a direct shout to Kanye, who didn't get Album of the Year. {Daniel Lanois wearing a Hendrix T-shirt}

Sir Paul joining J-HOVA (wearing a John Lennon T-shirt) and Linkin whoever for a few bars of Yesterday.

John Legend who Tara is now in love with.

Stevie & Alicia Keys (looking as fine as ever) with the impromtu (probably not) "Higher Ground".

Kanye & Jamie with their shoutout to HBCU life (bands & step shows).

Mary J & U2 for a heartfelt "One"

Because of my fucking Lost addiction I missed the beautiful and talented Anouska Shankar.

I have pretty much stopped paying attention to the awards and focus on performances and, of course, women. I noticed tonight that there were lots of strings...several perfs had strings and to good effect.
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