Tuesday, February 28


Buy Songlines by Derek Trucks Band. It will be one of the best albums you will buy this year.

I tracked down one of my funeral songs, I think. I have long said I want "My Sisters & My Brothers" played at my funeral. I learned of the song via Jerry Garcia Band and I have finally tracked down the original. I expect to get it next week and then I will decide if I want Jerry or the Sensational Nightingales to sing at my funeral.

This time last week I had dental surgery. This was part two of the periodontal work I started last fall. Thank God it's done. Remember kids...floss properly! The surgery wasn't too bad, they did pull a molar and that hurt like a bitch! Now, I am slowly eating and brushing and yawning without pain. The brusing is gone and soon the pain. I skipped 3 days of work and my first day back I took one of the pain pills right after I got to work and I had more fun that morning than I've had in weeks.

I've been watching alot of Alias (thanks Joanna) - Seasons 3 & 4 - and I am now in love with Mia Maestro, the woman who plays Nadia, Sidney's sister. Wow, what a beautiful woman.

Hmmm. I guess that's about it for now.

Oh, did anybody hate snowboard cross (SBX) as much as I did?
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