Tuesday, February 21

Short stuff

Random issues:

1. This time last year I started a "this day in Black history" post. I kept it up for 6 or 7 months straight, then I lost my very lax day job that allowed me to spend the time searching, editing, and posting the info. I apologize to everybody for slacking off but the retail schedule and newlywed status has forced me to adjust my day-to-day priorities.

2. Comments. I am apparently having trouble with my blogger comments. I am working to fix the problem; until it is fixed drop me a note at "jaisplace**at**comcast**dot**net". Thanks for your patience.

3. I feel like I haven't been posting much good lately. Some of it is time - I'd rather play video games or watch a movie. Some of it is mood - I just don't feel like sharing. I hope to get back in the swing of things. I have some things, some ideas rolling around in my head. I'm not ready to share those yet (I have a grander plan for them) but I do hope I can get in the habit of actually posting some good stuff for my loyal and maybe my new readers.
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