Wednesday, January 31

Black Rock Fans Unite

Yeah, I have been the only Black face at so many concerts it's not even funny. Although I am currently listening mostly to African and Brazilian funk I still go back to my Hendrix & Gov't Mule.

I tried very heard to turn the guilt I felt for listening to my music into a point of pride. I was not like every other Black person so take that you asshole. There wasn't a week that went by throughout my 20s when somebody didn't make some comment about not knowing Blacks liked "this kind of music" or somebody commenting that I was a wannabe. It still hurts to hear when it does happen but I am far more confident in my self and my beliefs and my opinions to be too concerned.

I have gone through an evolution and continue to evolve and grow musically and personally.

My musical time line is something like:

Radio (talk, soul/disco)-> Jimi Hendrix & classic rock-> guitar music (every guitar player was fair game but especially metal)-> Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble-> blues -> jazz-> reggae-> world (especially african)-> folk/bluegrass-> jambands-> funk-> worldbeat-> electronica-> hip-hop-> Brazilian funk/samba

There were smatterings of all of these through the years, some things I didn't spend a lot of time with but I enjoy certain artists like certain gospel artists. Of course, if you look at my iTunes you will see all of the above. Everything is fair game and there is good stuff everywhere, although I'm not a big fan of polka.

Check out this article. Check out Afropunk, the movie & website. Check out the BRC (black rock coalition). Drop you labels and enjoy it all.

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