Friday, January 12

Kathy helps our self-examination.

The folks over at Grist pointed me to this article at The Nation. It hits home and it might help me figure out why I do what I do. It hits home b/c I do some of the things she talks about but I quite often ask myself why I do these things. I buy the organic food and I often wonder is this doing anything. I know I am helping a small farmer when I buy food through my CSA but other than that, what difference does the rest of it make?

I question myself alot. I question why I do what I do and why I don't do what I think I should (some are things that I tell myself I really want to do). It's a mind game. Most of it revolves around my lack of ability to commit. I have trouble committing to myself, to involvement and most anything else you can think of. Honestly, I am surprised I had the guts to ask Tara to marry me. I've been in this funk for a week plus revolving, as usual, around these issues. I can't seem to make myself do anything.

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