Saturday, December 29

15 Minutes of Fame

This past week I was on the local NBC News. The library is doing its Food for Fines. One minute I was answering the phone telling Channel 4 that I would transfer them to the PR Dept to ask for permission to film and the next I am out front being ask to be a backdrop for the story.

I'm standing there in my BB King tie and unshaven face chit chatting with the library's PR mistress, Deanna Larson, about living in Inglewood and she also made me aware, although I already try to check myself, about what and how I blog; I am also a public face of the library. Anyway, the guy is filming while we are chatting. When I got home I watched the 6pm news and there I am just gesticulating away. The next day a coworker said they repeated the segment a couple of times.

Woohoo! Not only was I on TV but somebody saw me.
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