Monday, December 10

Buddhist Thought of the Day

I believe this is my new mantra. OK, I know its basically the eightfold path but this makes that seem so real. Besides, its a bit long for a mantra.
In this present moment I care that my thinking be the right kind of thinking, thinking that reflects understanding and compassion. This kind of thinking can nourish and transform me, bringing joy and happiness to me and people around me. In this very moment, I care that my speech be the kind of speech that communicates understanding and compassion, the kind of speech that can restore communication and offer confidence and reconciliation. At this very moment, I care about my physical action. My physical action should be able to translate my understanding and my compassion. If I'm sure that my thinking, speech and physical action are in line with understanding and compassion, I don't have to worry anymore about the future, and I save a lot of energy. I wasnt to invest one hundred percent of myself in this very moment. And this is possible. If I know I am doing my best in the present moment, I'm not afraid of the views or ideas of people now and in the future. The past, present, and the future are interconnected. The present contains both the past and the future.
Thich Naht Hanh, "Art of Power"
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