Friday, December 21

Dog walking is the way to go!

The past week I've been trying to walk Johnders more than I used to. I've noticed he's been a little antsy and unfocused. I mean, he spent the last 2 weeks with an E-collar and it's been raining alot. I recognize he's a high energy dog but I have not been able to make myself go to bed early enough to get up early enough to take him for a walk. Last week we started walking when I got home. Almost every night we've walked up or down Gallatin Rd. We are probably averaging a little over a mile a day which means I am walking 2 miles a day when I ride the bus (probably 8.5 of 10 days). I haven't seen much improvement in him as far as hyperactivity but he is walking on-leash better. He's not pulling as much if he wears his harness. The surprising thing, or at least the part I didn't consider is that I have seen improvments in me. I now weigh less than 185, not by much but there is downward movement and I have been hovering at 185+ for months. We'll see how I survive the holiday eating season but so far so good.

The other thing I have to mention isn't directly about dog walking but it is something I have noticed how my polartec jacket combined with my lightweight gore-tex rain jacket. Wicking is cool. I sweat while walking and I get home and only the outside of the polartec is wet. I think that's cool.
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