Thursday, July 29

An interesting thought

A friend of mine sent this article to me this morning and it is interesting how the mainstream media covers things.

First, I have to say thank God for public TV & radio. I have cable and the internet but for many people public radio/TV is all they have when it comes to less partisan (or at least more covertly partsian) info.

I understand why the DNC is not full coverage on the "big three" (ABC, NBC & CBS) - something about revenue & viewership - and I hope they extend the same courtesy to the RNC.

The explanation I heard on the radio was that these conventions are made for the delgates not for the general public, which makes sense to me. So, maybe it's ok that they don't cover all of the speeches.

Now, it just so happens that they did miss one of the best political speeches heard on a national level in a very long time by Mr. Obama.

Click here to read it.
Networks Sleep While the Fleet Center Burns
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