Thursday, July 22

Luckless on Ebay

Damn, this has not been my week on ebay. 1st I try to sell a Replica Soccer Jersey, the real Adidas Replica of the Spanish National Team. I had 120 hits and onlt 5 bids for a total of $17.50! These jerseys cost $65!

Now, I've got to tickets to the ManU/Bayer Munich game at Soldier Field and I didn't understand that they were to be sold as a "Dutch Auction", let alone how a "dutch auction" works so I, following standard procedure for a normal auction but the tix up at a really low price and now I realize that that's the price they will sell at. I had no idea that I was to put them at the price I want to get for them. Some dude is getting a deal and I am losing about $40 per ticket!

Live & Learn, I guess.
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