Saturday, July 31

You wanna talk about a week. Sheesh!

OK, lets see it if can break this down. A couple of weeks ago my girlfriends step-dad died unexpectedly - you can read all about it in on this blog and today was the memorial service/celebration of life/tree planting. But also, this is the week that I had planned on proposing to my girlfriend and evenmoreso, tomorrow is her birthday. I actually wanted to propose to her on her birthday but b/c I knew the Memorial Service was today I figured I would do it yesterday (I just couldn't predict what the vibe would be tomorrow).

So, I did it. In between a couple of episodes of the Sopranos I asked Tara to share her life with me and she agreed (not that I expected any other respponse). I am now an engaged man. I am a very lucky man, I know that.

The memorial service for Rich was absolutely amazing. I haven't felt this overwhelmed with emotion is so long. It was a strange set of emotions. Rich was funny and that what brought up over & over again. Rich worked very hard for the benefit of children and people, becoming involved or starting organizations related to community activism and the solid education of young kids.

All of this is made more strange b/c we are celebrating a life that shouldn't be done. Rich died unexpectedly and he was too young, he shoulda had another 30+ years.

Urggh. It just don't make any fucking sense.
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