Wednesday, November 3

Is it disappointing or par for the course?

George Bush and Dick Cheney have the White House for an additional four years. Congratulations to them and their supports.

The win begs to ask if Americans are blind to the realities or are we that easily duped into believing that this current administration is doing a good enough job to deserve term #2.

I am disappointed that we did not hold George Bush to his 2000 promise, which became even more important after that all important date of 9/11/01. He has not united this country and as we saw with some results from the election he has polarized us even more...the areas that were strong Bush are stronger Bush and the areas that were strong Gore or democrat are stronger Democrat. If he was the uniter he claims to be would we really have an 49/51 split in the popular vote, and practically that in the Electoral College?

What else? Oh yeah, the invasion, and seemingly endless presence/occupation, of Iraq. After you study your history and your current events you cannot believe that wars are waged over ideology. We did not go into Iraq to stop terrorism, we did not go into Iraq to rid Iraqis of a ruthless dictator. There are plenty of other places that were more threatening as far as terrorism and there are so many more dictators in the world that we perpetually turn a blind eye to. And most importantly you CANNOT force Democracy on a society. All of the "successful" democracies forced their own situation. Usually when you force a change of gov't on people, it's called a takeover or an invasion, NOT a liberation.

Are we as Americans so afraid of our own political system, so unaware of the world that we sheepishly follow along when the president says we must stick with him because he will get us out of the mess he made?

Now he has four years to make things worse with no personal or political consequences. I would be very surprised if we have a stable Iraq by the time George and his one-trick pony administration get out of office and at that time, he's off the hook. He can't be pres anymore, it's unlikely Cheney wants to be president since he already runs things.

I'm disappointed that Americans don't show better vision.

Wake up people!
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