Tuesday, November 2

Seven considerations I make when voting

by John Hay Jr.

John Hay Jr. serves the West Morris Street Free Methodist Church of Indianapolis, Indiana, as senior pastor. He has directed Horizon House, the city's homeless day center, and worked extensively with urban neighborhood revitalization. He offers these seven principles to consider when voting:

1. I ask of any candidate's or administration's positions and proposals, "What does it do to the poor?"
2. I do not expect the American president to be a Christian or my brand of Christian.
3. I recognize that the priorities of the kingdom of God and the agendas of American presidents and governments are not the same.
4. I look for a candidate who I think will lead compassionately, not just talk about compassion.
5. I recognize that most "all-or-nothing" issues cast during election campaigns are NOT "all-or-nothing."
6. I ask, "How has a candidate responded to violence or used violence? And how does he or she plan to respond to and use it in the future?"
7. I consider how candidates envision America's place and role in the world.

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