Saturday, November 27

Sizzla makes no apologies

No apology from 'anti-gay' singer

I don't agree with what these singers are saying and he ought to know that the boneheads listening to him aren't gonna hear the metaphor but he has put his song in a religious context and, it seems, OutRage! has mis-interpreted his lyrics to a degree...when he says "fire pon" or "fire will burn" he is saying something akin to, "God's wrath will come down on", "not let us go burn".

Like I said, I know, and these singers should too, that their audience is not so pious that they will always take the lyrics to mean something religious.
"They can't ask me to apologise," he told BBC radio station 1Xtra. "They've got to apologise to God because they break God's law."
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