Monday, December 6

Buddhist Thought of the Day - Ethics

The 1st of the Four Noble Truths is the "Truth of Suffering", the 2nd is "absolute understanding" (Loosely translated). The following is related to the law of cause and effect and the the law of Karma which will help us understand our attachment to desire:

Even though the training in ethics takes many forms, the ethics of abandoning the ten non-virtues is their basis. Of the ten non-virtues, three pertain to bodily actions, four to verbal actions, and three to mental actions.

The three physical non-virtues are:

1. Taking the life of a living being: ranging from killing an insect to killing a human.

2. Stealing: taking away another's property without his consent, regardless of its value, whether the deed is done by oneself or through another.

3. Sexual misconduct: committing adultery.

The opposite of these ten non-virtues are the ten virtues, and engaging in them is called the practice of ethics.

The interesting thing I've discovered while studying Buddhism is how similar Christ's teachings are to Buddhist teachings.
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