Thursday, March 31

Big Kenny, you ain't so big.

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One of the things about living in Nashville is you see "stars" doing mundane things. Yesterday a couple of us went to lunch near Music Row (yes, we work on Music Row) and walking down the street was Big Kenny (the tall one above). I've known this guy for years - not friends or anything - I had a friend who worked at the publishing company he wrote for back in the days of his band LuvJoi, or whatever he called it. I've known many woman to fawn over him. So, when he walks past yesterday my office manager, a very oversexed woman, looked at him and was disappointed. "Oh, I don't want to do him anymore." I think was what she said. Apparently, Big Kenny in real life isn't as "big" as some people have been led to believe.

Hope stories like this don't bruise Kenny's big ole EGO.
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