Wednesday, March 30

Pedophilia. It's not just for Priests anymore

Boy Scout official pleads guilty to child porn

You know, for the longest time there was all of this stuff about the Priesthood and how it fostered homosexuality and thus, pedophilia. I think alot of that came from the fact that people wanted to hate Catholics. They needed an excuse to say..."see, I told you they were freaks."

We'll what about this...the BSA is one of the most honored civic organizations in America and now this guy who went camping with boys, propbably showered with men and maybe even boys, is found to have be caught in the same situation as these priests.

Did anybody ever think about they fact that this has to do with 1. personal problems, not organizational and 2. access? If the priesthood or altarboys, included more girls don't you think they might have suffered the same fate as so many of those boys?

I just think it's ridiculous to blame this stuff, or claim this stuff is about homosexuality.
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