Wednesday, March 23

On this Day in Black History

1734 - Tom Molineaux born
1873 - Slavery was abolished in Puerto Rico
1910 - Akira Kurosawa born
1910 - The National Urban League founded
1916 - Marcus Mosiah Garvey arrived in America from Jamaica.
1925 - The state of Tennessee enacted a law that made it a crime for a teacher in any state-supported public school to teach any theory that was in contradiction to the Bible's account of man's creation.
1938 - Maynard Jackson born
1942 - Walter Rodney born
1953 - Yvette Marie Stevens (Chaka Khan) born
1954 - Moses "The Mailman" Malone born
1956 - Sudan became independent
1968 - Rev. Walter Fauntroy became the first nonvoting congressional delegate from the District of Columbia since the Reconstruction period
1982 - Lee P. Brown became the first black police chief of Houston, TX
1985 - Patricia Roberts Harris died
1987 - The Soul Train Music Awards; the first televised awards ceremony to pay exclusive homage to black producers, songwriters and recording artists, debuted
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