Tuesday, March 22

Finally, they pay attention to us.

Planning Department eyes East Nashville

Concerns & issues cited include

1. redevelopment in East Nashville has the potential to increase the “intensity” of the land there — the density of residential and commercial development on it.

2. a desire exists for redevelopment and economic revitalization to occur along Gallatin Road and Dickerson Pike at a rate equal to what they have been in other sections of East Nashville.

3. redevelopment in East Nashville could potentially further “gentrification” there, “making it difficult for current and some potential residents to be able to afford to live in the area.”

Jennifer Carlat, Planning Department policy analysis and communications officer, said that though the community plan update cannot directly create affordable housing, “what we can do, through the update, is provide land use policy that encourages a variety of housing types at different price points” to help make housing affordable.

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