Tuesday, July 12

20 Most Underrated Rock Albums

This is a pretty interesting list, a little old and a little new; even moreso is how many of these are favorite albums of mine (I've highlighted them).

A List (no particular order) compiled by David Schultz at EARVOLUTION:
  1. George Harrison: All Things Must Pass (1970)
  2. Pete Townshend: White City - A Novel (1985)
  3. Big Head Todd & The Monsters: Midnight Radio (1990) - This was the beginning of the jamband movement and Todd has a sound so different, he's got a soulful voice and a great blues guitar that's rarely the focus of his songs.
  4. Goo Goo Dolls: Hold Me Up (1991)
  5. Stone Roses: Stone Roses (1989)
  6. Richard Thompson: Rumor and Sigh (1991)
  7. Traveling Wilburys: Volume 1 (1988)
  8. Allman Brothers Band: Back Where It All Begins (1994) - The Allmans have been one of my pillar bands since I first heard Jessica. When they hired Warren, Woody & Marc they hit a new stride and this was THE best album of that era. The band was loose but focused and the songs were really strong.
  9. Robert Randolph & The Family Band: Live at the Wetlands (2002) - I love Robert and this album is hot, the first chance many of us got to hear Sacred Steel of the new generation.
  10. Ted Hawkins: The Next Hundred Years (1994) - I was in my sensitive period when I first heard this and it got this folkie-soul vibe like Bill Withers. Ted lived the tragedy.
  11. Dread Zeppelin: Un - Led - Ed (1990) - Not sure if I'd have it on this list but it is a great record. Intense musicality and insane parody
  12. Jimmy Cliff: The Harder They Come (1973) - Classic reggae, classic songs, big influence on Jerry Garcia
  13. Pink Floyd: Meddle & Animals (1971 & 1977)
  14. Tin Machine: Tin Machine (1989)
  15. Sting: Dream of the Blue Turtles (1985) - Jazz meets Rock meets Poetry
  16. Van Morrison: A Night In San Francisco (1994)
  17. The Kinks: One For The Road (1980)
  18. Elton John: 11-17-70 (1971)
  19. Blues Brothers: Briefcase Full of Blues (1978)
  20. Body Count: Body Count (1992) - Too hot for the masses. Ice-T busted down the rap/rock door with this. Loud & Hard Core!
20 Most Underrated Rock Albums
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