Tuesday, July 19

Black and White is in Eye of Beholder

"The nonwhite people saw much more shades of gray," Haupt concluded. "The whites saw it as more clear-cut."
It is fascinating and any of us who are "of color" who have gone to our own family reunions knows how true this is. Unfortunately, we also know that the "one drop" rule is still being applied from both the black & the white sides.

In my family, my generation is four generations (my great-grandparents were slaves) out of slavery and I have a cousin who looks Sicilian, another who looks Brazilian, and a few who could be anything but Nordic. The hair texture, the skin color, the eye texture and bone structure is so different w/in the lot of us.

While we were in Spain, Tara was often mistaken for a Spaniard, or, at least, a spanish speaker. It's all very fascinating, it's just a shame the differences seem to mean more than the similarities.
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