Monday, July 25


I've been planning on this for awhile and I am finally doing it...

Tara and I have tried to use local favs for most of our wedding vendors. Below are just a few who made our wedding the best ever!

(Sorry you out of town readers, most of this is Nashville only)

The Cake:
Sweet 16th Bakery
311 N. 16th St.
Nashville, TN
Contact: Ellen & Dan Einstein
Wedding rehearsal Dessert:
Las Paletas (Mexican Popsicles)
2907 12th Ave. S, Suite 2
Nashville, TN
Contact: Irma & Norma Paz
Wedding rehearsal Dinner:
Istanbul Restaurant
2631 Nolensville Rd
Nashville, TN 37211
Contact: Memet Arslan
Wedding Reception Food:
Bea Frankel
Nashville, TN
615-390-4796 (cell)
Wedding Reception DJ
DJ Geezus aka George Sulmers
Nashville & New York
407-221-1985 (cell)
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