Monday, February 12

10 unconvential Diet Tips

While at Davis-Kidd I lost close to 30 lbs. Five years of a day job had killed my waistline. One year at Davis-Kidd, running up and down two flights of stairs a thousand times a day...well, that'll take some weight off.

Now that I'm back at a desk job, the weight is returning and it sucks. The day job allows me more hours at night to spend with Tara but if I workout at night, I will once again lose time with her. Morning workouts, which require me to get up earlier, are, of course, out of the question. So, what do I do? My answer is...whatever I can.

I ran across this article from somewhere.

  1. Buy a digital scale
  2. Weigh yourself everyday
  3. Drink 8 glasses of water everyday
  4. Make your diet public
  5. Don’t diet on the weekends
  6. Don’t sacrifice your life for your diet
    If I didn’t diet on Tuesday, for example, I would diet on Saturday, instead.
  7. Make the small changes
    Rather than giving up what most diets say you should give up (soda, coffee, beer, caffeine, etc.) just make healthier decisions.
  8. Gain perspective by understanding the fractions
    Your diet is an incredibly small fraction of your life. If you live for 80 years, and dieted for four months, that would only be .42% of your life.
  9. Rationalize your workouts
  10. Have a red flag weight
    Once you’ve lost the weight, you need to keep it off. This is where the red flag comes in. You need to pick a weight and vow to never get heavier than it again.

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