Tuesday, February 27

Ahhh Jesus.

Discovery Channel Accused of Attacking Christianity -- 02/27/2007
If the findings are accurate, Charlesworth said, "we're finding a basis for Christian hope and vision indeed the Christian affirms that Jesus was fully God and fully human."
I've never understood why this isn't the way more people think. I remember the hub-bub about Last Temptation of Christ and thinking, if you see the movie you know the story ends just like the Bible says besides, what is so wrong with thinking that Jesus was more like us? The concept was brought up again in Half Nelson - a tree is both strong and weak, yin yang are entwined, that was no longer good enough. At some point Christians and especially American Protestants became extemely fixed on the fact that Jesus is God. He was no longer the Son of God, he was no longer "born of a woman (virgin or not)"...except "baby Jesus". It's absolutely ridiculous. The Holy Book itself says He was both man and God...what's wrong with that?

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