Wednesday, February 7

Master Procrastinator's Best of 2006 - (album)

Yeah, it's Feb. and most folks aren't thinking about what they loved last year. I am not most folks, I am a master procrastinator. I am not necessarily proud of that fact but I have accepted that it is as much a part of me as my geeky goofiness. Anyway, I have been mulling over my favs of 2006 since December and I am gonna try to put down a few things.

Since I watched the Grammies last night I thought we should talk about music first. I found my favorite album of 2006 back in Feb., a whole year ago I predicted this would be the best rock album of the year. I heard a lot more music through the year and I know there was a lot I didn't hear but I have to stick with my first choice. I think song for song this is the classiest, sexiest, most soulful album I heard this year. The album could be easily classified as soul or world music or even jazz but I call it rock because of it's blues base and it's guitar focus...two defining characteristics of rock, as far as I am concerned.

The band plays more like a band than on any of their previous albums. The cover songs are choice and the original songs are stylish, thoughtful, funky and soulful.

The band: Derek Trucks Band
The album: Songlines
The video: Songlines Live (not necessary but if you have one you should have the other)
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