Tuesday, February 6

Become Greener in 101 Steps (1-25)

People bitch about what a drag being environmentally aware can be. You can't do this, you can't eat that. Well, look at the list below (and on subsequent pages) and see how simple things add up. Shoot, you probably already do some.

  1. Buy organic food
  2. By local products (the link talks about food but the concept applies to more)
  3. Use reusable containers to bring lunch to work/school
  4. Buy fair trade coffee, chocolate and other products
  5. Compost your food scraps
  6. Skip the bottled water
  7. Eat less meat
  8. Adjust your refrigerator and freezer temperatures
  9. Bring your own grocery bag to the supermarket (reuse the plastic & paper bags you already have)
  10. Buy unpackaged produce instead of prepackaged
  11. Grill corn in its husk instead of aluminum foil
  12. Use reusable coffee filters
  13. Avoid the drive-through
  14. Only buy sustainable, environmentally friendly seafood
  15. Keep your refrigerator and freezer full
  16. Grow your own food
  17. Allow food to cool down to room temperature before putting them in the fridge or freezer
  18. Buy FSC certified wood products
  19. Recycle! Bottles, cans, paper, etc.
  20. Donate used items in good condition instead of throwing them out
  21. Bamboo (there are many other uses for bamboo)
  22. Install a low-flow shower head
  23. Install a low-flow toilet
  24. Invest in a front-loading washing machine
  25. Wash clothes with cold instead of hot or warm water
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